A risk analysis of the Alberta NDP's energy policies
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A risk analysis of the Alberta NDP's energy policies




In 2013, he was appointed by the Federal Minister of Industry to the Board of Governors of the Council of Canadian Academies. [...] In 2001, he was the Director of Policy and Research for the Office of the Official Opposition in the Canadian House of Commons. [...] With the exception of the increases in corporate and personal income taxes and the CO penalties, the key decisions on the other policy risks are yet to come. [...] The prospect of a royalty review has spooked both the industry and investors, because of the still vivid memories of the negative impacts of the 2008 royalty review and “New Royalty Framework” (NRF) brought in by the Stelmach government. [...] No dates have been set for delivery of the committee’s report, but the Energy Minister has said that it will be completed by the “end of the year.” Suffice it to say that the sooner, the better for all parties concerned.

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