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A different voice : Perspectives on the United Kingdom's civil society




While the external perspective, three areas seemed to CRA’s mandate is not broad enough to incorporate highlight the nature of the sector-government some of the activities of the Charity Commission, the relationship in the UK:. [...] Described as a modern regulator, the Commission’s p. 5. © Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations commission also used its rich repository of data and example, on the impact of the economic downturn information from annual reporting to undertake an and the potential implications of the government’s analysis of the impact of the economic downturn Big Society aim both at disseminating information [...] From a Canadian perspective, the level of government funding support for the sector and Research the work of infrastructure organizations in the UK Two of the areas we were particularly interested is difficult to imagine. [...] While the Voluntary Sector in exploring were the type of research being Initiative held the promise for some much needed conducted and the information available about the change in the relationship with the Government of sector. [...] There are a number of organizations in Canada The relationship between the infrastructure that do similar work and there is growing organizations and government in the UK interest and activity on the part of emerging is more of a partnership, based on the regional networks.



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