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"It's all about me"




"The purpose of this paper is to examine the personalization of health systems in a way that goes beyond the clinical consideration of personalization at the cellular/genetic level, and begin to consider personalization that is focused around individual and population-level health goals enabled through greater access to information technologies. To do so, we consider the following questions: 1. What matters to individuals in regard to health personalization? 2. What are the emerging trends in technology and consumer behaviour that are contributing to and influencing the personalization of health systems? 3. What are the key personalization strategies that have been successfully used by industries and organizations outside of healthcare? 4. What could a personalized health system look like? 5. What are the necessary steps health systems must undertake to achieve personalization?"--Pages 3-4.



health education healthcare health services delivery of health care research strategy bioethics biology employment health information labour medical care medicine patients quality of life health care disease evidence-based medicine therapy health system strategies clinical trial professional-patient relations goal segmentation further education personalized medicine health treatment health informatics physician and patient android (operating system) individualized medicine personalization