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9 Million Prescriptions




Even though Ontario (and the rest of Canada) into a full-blown the number of people who are prescribed opioids as we cannot fully interpret or explain all of the findings public health crisis.[4] well as the total number of prescriptions filled. [...] In the fiscal year 2015/16, nearly 2 million people in Ontario filled opioid prescriptions, about 14% of the Number of people who filled an opioid prescription and number of prescriptions filled, population of the province, or one out of every seven 2015/16 people. [...] As with the number of people who filled at least one prescription for an opioid, the total number of opioid Number of opioid prescriptions filled, per 100 population, in Ontario, by LHIN region, 2015/16 prescriptions filled varies substantially by LHIN region, ranging from a low of 38 prescriptions filled per 100 people in the Central LHIN region to a high in the Dispenses per 100 population North [...] Of the people in Ontario who filled prescription during the same period are not all chronic an opioid prescription in the first three months of 2016 users of opioids. [...] Rates buprenorphine/naloxone • Morphine per population are calculated by dividing the number of prescriptions filled for opioid drugs by the size of • Numerator: The subset of the denominator that • Oxycodone and oxycodone compounds the population in Ontario or the LHIN region and are included any person who had a single prescription reported using a 100 population denominator.


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