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A cost-effectiveness analysis of maternal genotyping to guide treatment for postpartum pain and avert infant adverse events /




The differences may be in conversion of the parent compound to the active drug, to toxic metabolites or maybe in the capacity to detoxify the active molecules. [...] The results of the utilization rates of codeine and opioids in this medical record review would be used to inform the parameter estimates for the proceeding decision model. [...] Owing to extremely low adverse event rates, upon completion of recruitment in the standard care group the study team decided not to continue with prospective recruitment of the intervention arm as it was deemed impractical to continue with the second arm of the trial. [...] If, during the follow-up interview, the study coordinator detected any reason for concern, arrangements were made for a study physician to visit the subject in her home to examine the infant or the mother was given instructions to take the child to the doctor or emergency room immediately. [...] The societal perspective included all direct health care costs including costs to the publicly funded health care system (cost of the screening procedure and emergency room visits or inpatient hospital care resulting from adverse events) and to private payers, as well as out-of-pocket costs to the subjects (direct health care costs) and loss of productivity to the subjects and their family or care



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