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A report on the illegal movement of firearms in British Columbia




It examines the firearms industry in the province, the regulatory framework for firearms control, the agencies involved in enforcement and regulation, the actions of these agencies and the issues associated with the control of firearms. [...] This report provides information on the current situation regarding the regulatory framework for firearms control; the illegal movements of firearms; the use of illegal firearms to support criminal activity; the agencies involved in regulation and enforcement and their current activities; and makes recommendations regarding changes to impact the illegal movement of firearms. [...] In particular it includes: Interviews and meetings with members of the police forces and agency representatives who have responsibilities which may impact the illegal movement of firearms and the use of firearms by gangs; Gathering information to enlighten the current situation with regard to gangs and the illegal use and movement of firearms; Determining current operations of the Office of the Ch [...] Illegal movement of firearms The increase in the numbers of shooting incidents, firearms being seized by the police and the incidents of gang members in possession of firearms is not just the result of a greater propensity to use firearms, but according to most sources interviewed seems to be the result of greater accessibility and availability. [...] Other Provinces The violence and firearms use by gangs and the illegal movements of firearms are also of significant concern in the province of Ontario, particularly in the Toronto area where there have been numerous incidents involving the indiscriminate discharge of firearms in public places.



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