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A rural perspective on linkages among communities




The community of Springhill, NS is not only linked to other communities through the jobs, commerce, people, and services they exchange, but also through the school boards, police services, volunteer groups, and family relationships they share, the air they breathe, the water they drink, and the identities they espouse. [...] Impacts Not only did rural places lose their population as a result of declining labour demands, but they became more isolated from the production and distribution chains and relegated to a smaller role in the policies and programs of provincial and federal governments. [...] This often results in the representations of rural issues and life being stereotypical and inaccurate: on the one hand idealized and on the other, crisis-focused. [...] This is exacerbated by the increased participation of women in the labour force, high levels of youth out-migration, and the aging of the population through natural processes. [...] Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, for example, has the resources and mandate to bring together agricultural producers, processors, transporters, marketers, and traders from both rural and urban contexts to deal with challenges relating to agricultural production and trade.



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