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A brief profile of the EU : Profil sommaire de I'UE : principales considérations pour les exportateurs de l'Atlantique




The EU is the largest market in the world in terms of GDP and global imports – surpassing the US in size. [...] This chapter provides a brief overview of EU history, structure and institutions (including the euro) to help businesses appreciate the nature of the EU and to understand how laws are made.1 The nature of the single market is discussed and the diversity within the EU in terms of market size, income and growth potential is highlighted. [...] Administrative cooperation Source: Fontaine (2014) December 2015 Atlantic Provinces Economic Council 7  . A Brief Profile of the EU: Key Considerations for Atlantic Exporters       The five key institutions in EU law are the European Council, the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, the European Parliament and the Court of Justice. [...] The Commission and member countries implement the new laws and the Commission ensures that regulations and directives adopted by the Council and Parliament are properly applied and implemented by member states. [...] The European Parliament supervises the EU’s activities and can approve or reject the European Council’s nominee for the Commission President and can approve and dismiss the whole Commission.