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2011 Census/National Household Survey housing conditions series : Adequacy, suitability and affordability of Canadian housing, 1991-2011




Source: CMHC (census-based and NHS-based housing indicators and data) 2 Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Research Highlight 2011 Census/National Household Survey Housing Series: Issue 3 – The Adequacy, Suitability and Affordability of Canadian Housing, 1991-2011 Housing in Canada Online (HiCO) Table 2 Households in substandard housing but not in core housing need, Canada, 1991-2011 Use this [...] In the Northwest Territories, the percentages of households Newfoundland and Labrador and in Saskatchewan, living in affordable housing ranged from 84.5% in 52.5% of households residing in substandard housing Newfoundland and Labrador to 74.4% in British were able to afford acceptable housing, the lowest Columbia (see appendix table 6). [...] In addition, 20% of households lived in government staff housing or in non-government staff housing (see An analysis of the housing needs in Nunavut: Nunavut Housing Needs Survey 2009/2010 (Ottawa: Statistics Canada, 2010), pp. [...] Under the Investment in Affordable Housing, for instance, ■■ Regional variations in the percentages of households provinces and territories have the flexibility to invest in living in acceptable housing and in the percentages of the a range of programs and initiatives to assist households remainder able to access acceptable housing contributed in need. [...] Not all households in below-standard housing are in core housing need If a household not living in acceptable housing can access acceptable local housing for less than 30% of its before-tax income, it is not in core housing need; it is in core housing need only if acceptable local housing would cost 30% or more of its before-tax income.


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