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Evaluation of the International Student Program / : Évaluation du Programme des étudiants étrangers




OMC also provides functional guidance and support CIC will identify the gaps in how OMC Q3 and on- to all offices (in-Canada or abroad) on the information concerning program going development of program integrity exercises to ensure integrity issues and case referral the objective and methodology are sound and information is shared across the questions are targeted to the scope. [...] This evaluation report is organized into the following sections: Section 1 presents the purpose of the evaluation and the profile of the Program; Section 2 presents the methodology for the evaluation, and discusses strengths and considerations; Sections 3, 4, 5 and 6 present the findings, organized by evaluation issue; and Section 7 presents the conclusions and recommendations. [...] Program Profile This section provides an overview of the International Student Program, including: the policy and program context, program description and expected outcomes, partners and stakeholders, a profile of the number of international student admissions, characteristics of international students, and program costs. [...] In regards to the ISP, and since June 2014, provinces and territories play a role in the administration of the ISP through the designation of educational institutions eligible to host international students. [...] International Student Program Costs The budget for the International Student Program is a portion of the total budget for the Temporary Resident Program (TRP), which was $27.3M in fiscal year (FY) 2012/13.22 As the ISP allocation was not isolated from the overall TRP budget for all the years under review, the evaluation only made use of estimates from the Cost Management Model to define ISP costs.


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