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A guide to climate change for small- to medium-sized enterprises : How to plan for climate change, reduce operating costs and develop new business opportunities




A Guide to Climate Change for Small- to Medium-sized Enterprises How to Plan for Climate Change, Reduce Operating Costs and Develop New Business Opportunities THE CANADIAN LA CHAMBRE CHAMBER DE COMMERCE OF COMMERCE DU CANADA i A Guide to Climate Change for SMEs The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is the voice of Canadian business. [...] The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has solidified its position as “The Voice of Canadian Business”™ to the public, the media and the federal government and is an articulate and persuasive advocate for business viewpoints and a champion of fiscal responsibility and national unity. [...] The Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s 170,000 members reflect a strong and diverse network and include chambers of commerce, boards of trade, business associations, and businesses of all sizes and from all sectors and regions of Canada. [...] SMEs can help in the fight against climate change, to the benefit of people and ecosystems around the globe, and they can pursue new business opportunities in the challenging times to come. [...] Statistics light of these and anticipated future impacts, there is Canada defines an SME as any increasing urgency to reduce emissions of greenhouse business establishment with 0 to 499 gases and to prepare to adapt to the impacts of the employees and less than $50 million in changing climate.



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