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The First Nations and Métis Education Policy Framework affirmed the Province’s commitment to: (1) ensuring that curricula and content fundamentally reflect First Nations and Métis ways of knowing and accurately depict the contributions of First Nations and Métis people;(2) supporting programs that integrate the teaching of language and culture; (3) engaging children, youth, families and communitie [...] The policy establishes an annual progress review to ensure that the objectives of the Aboriginal Education Policy, as determined by the Board of Trustees and the Elders Advisory Council, are being met. [...] They become the foundation and the centre of our work; ● Engage in a holistic manner, the heart, mind, body, and spirit of all learners, and recognize the gifts and strengths of all students and grow and nurture those gifts; ● Promote ceremonies, which nurture the spirit and offers guidance in personal development and self awareness. [...] The essence of the school experience was a return to the ceremonies and practices which are at the core of Aboriginal identity. [...] King (2006) observed, “Simon [Kytwayhat] and Mary [Lee] begin a journey for the students and teachers of returning to the culture, to the language, to the kinship ties, to the teachings and to the lands that once made us strong.” (King, 2006, 41.) According to King (2006, 40), “the drum and song are at the heart of the school.” The drum links the students with their people’s past, to their own ide


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