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A review of e-learning in Canada




The CCL recognizes the breadth of the concept of learning through electronic means, as well as its growing pervasiveness in Canadian institutions of formal learning, at the level of elementary and secondary schools and of colleges, and universities, as well as in early childhood and health- related learning. [...] Does the application of electronic technology, under the general rubric of e-learning, represent a positive development in formal educational settings that should be embraced and pursued, or is it a danger to the achievement of the general societal goal of an educated and skilled populace? [...] Therefore, the expected outcomes of the proposed literature review include: 1) a description of the major issues facing Canadian educators and policy-makers in regards to the application of e-learning in educational and health institutions and as an avenue for preparing children and adults for lifelong learning; 2) an assessment of the effectiveness of the technologies being harnessed for educatio [...] In other words, it goes beyond the usual review of research, limited to primary evidence, by including multiple sources of information, to insure that a broad base of arguments and opinions about e-learning is represented, and to help situate the primary evidence and the scholarly reviews of the evidence. [...] A Review of E-learning in Canada: Page 4 of 47 Additionally, manual searches of selected journals were performed: Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology, Journal of Distance Education, and the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning.


higher education education school e-learning educational technology curriculum science and technology research evaluation distance education philosophy teachers learning cognition meta-analysis further education educators teaching and learning educational assessment experiment cognitive science effect size quasi-experimental instructional design internet in education technology integration