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"Connecting the dots" and the Canadian counter-terrorism effort-- steady progress or technical, bureaucratic, legal and political failure?




CONNECTING THE DOTS Since the 2001 attacks on the United States, the term “connecting the dots” emerged as the key element in counter-terrorist defence. [...] The Commission’s central argument was that the 2001 attacks were preceded by some ten separate “missed opportunities” where, had the CIA and the FBI shared data on the 9-11 plotters, analysts would have been able to connect the dots and thwart the attacks.6. [...] Note, however, that legal concerns still deny other agencies direct access to the FINTRAC database and the most rapid method of “connecting the dots.” Strategic Problems Regrettably, the revisions to the money laundering legislation represented one of the rare indicators of federal data sharing progress. [...] The Intelligence Service’s Integration Threat Assessment Centre (ITAC) has the task of overcoming the past “inconsistent” federal ability to “share information and conduct effective analysis” according to the Service’s website.31 Yet today that site also shows it lacks the on- site participation of Citizenship and Immigration Canada despite the fact that it supported the concept in 2004.32 In its [...] He also asked for improved oversight and that these specific recommendations govern both internal Canadian and international transfers; however, he also noted the same ‘connecting the dot’ lessons from the Air India disaster and the 9-11 Commission that appeared at the start of this paper.60 As a result he recommended the RCMP “maintain its policy of sharing information obtained in the course of n



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