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A report to Parliament on the readiness of First Nations communities and organizations to comply with the Canadian Human Rights Act : Rapport au Parlement sur l'état de préparation des communautés et organisations des Premières nations à la conformité à la Loi canadienne sur les droits de la personne




The Government of Canada shall report to both Houses of Parliament on the findings of that study before the expiration of the period referred to in section 3. This report (“Report”) includes the studies undertaken, and summarizes the preparedness of First Nations communities’ and organizations’ for the full application of the CHRA. [...] How This Report Was Prepared In keeping with the statutory requirements under section 4 of Bill C-21, the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (DIAND), on behalf of the Government of Canada, provided funding during the fiscal year of 2009-2010 to three organizations that represent the interests of those constituencies most affected by the repeal of section 67 of the CHRA: the Asse [...] While these specific points relate to the capacity of First Nations communities and organizations, there is also the issue of the capacity of institutions such as the CHRT and the CHRC involved in the interpretation of the CHRA to understand and interpret First Nations customs and traditions. [...] The Strategy complements and increases the effectiveness of the Employment Equity Act by focusing on workplaces under the 26 Readiness of First Nations to Comply with the Canadian Human Rights Act jurisdiction of the Employment Equity Act to eliminate employer-related systemic policies and practices that inhibit the recruitment, retention and advancement of members of Visible Minorities and Aborig [...] The AFN’s report, entitled Assessing the Readiness of First Nations Communities for the Repeal of Section 67 of the Canadian Human Rights Act,” is the result of research and dialogue led by the AFN in all regions of Canada since the passing of Bill C-21.


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