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A report and next steps for action from a forum for change : Reconciliation for today's First Nations, Métis & Aboriginal children through custom adoption and lifelong family and tribal connections (held in April 2015)




A Forum for Change 1 Introduction A Forum for Change1 was co-sponsored by the Representative for Children and Youth (RCY), the Directors Forum of 23 First Nations, Métis and Aboriginal Child and Service Agencies2 (known as delegated Aboriginal Agencies, or DAAs), and the British Columbia Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) with the express purpose of advancing and instigating real a [...] The parties were joined by a number of Elders, First Nations, Métis and Aboriginal chiefs and leaders, the president of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, and the chair of the First Nations Health Council. [...] The Forum built upon the RCY’s June 2014 report, Finding Forever Families: A Review of the Provincial Adoption System in B. C. (see Appendix A), and recent efforts and dialogue among decision makers and stakeholders to advance improvements to permanency planning and adoption for First Nations, Métis and Aboriginal children in care in B. C. In particular, the Forum was an opportunity to explore Rec [...] Moving forward has also been hampered by the absence of regular sharing of direct information about the status of the children currently in care, and their connections to First Nations, Métis and Aboriginal communities in B. C. Several reports by the Representative have explored the well-being of Aboriginal children and framed the key challenges.3 The Forum was designed to help fill this void and [...] How can the efforts of First Nations, Métis and Aboriginal communities and families, MCFD, DAAs, AANDC and RCY be aligned to better use the tools that already exist, build the new tools that are needed, and accelerate the movement to permanency of a large number of First Nations, Métis and Aboriginal children in care?


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