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2018: British Columbia Bulletin /




The Cardus Education Survey makes a particu- larly significant methodological, theoretical, and empirical contribution to the research into reli- gious schools in Canada and the United States and is the only study that uses repeated measures to report on the outcome of religious non-government schooling and compare it to public school outcomes.2 One of the main problems with existing data is the l [...] Other independent graduates are just as likely to trust these groups as •. Evangelical Protestants are less likely to the public school graduates, but more so trust their neighbours and strangers; how- when not accounting for their (more reli- ever, the non-religious independent and gious) family background. [...] They are pendent graduates are less likely to interact just as likely to have a friend who is gay with friends often and less likely to have a or lesbian. [...] The only notice- independent graduates are more likely to able variation is that non-religious inde- be involved in a range of political activi- pendent graduates are about 1.6 times ties while the Catholic independent and more likely to vote in the municipal evangelical Protestant graduates are often elections. [...] But note •. All independent sectors are more likely to that without family-background controls, feel obligated to pray and read Scriptures the results show that EP are doing these (especially the Catholic independent and things a lot more regularly as a family.


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