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A guide to language policy and planning for B.C. First Nations communities : Guide to language policy and planning for British Columbia First Nations communities




A language policy supports language planning and language revitalization activities in a community, and provides a framework for control of the language and its future in the community. [...] In this case, inter-generational transmission of the language can be encouraged through adult language programs, and through encouraging the use of the language in the home. [...] First Peoples’ Cultural Council designed these eight steps to assist Language Authorities with their language policies and planning, The eight steps are: 1. Determine the status of the language 2. Community mobilization and support 3. Research 4. Set language goals 5. Planning 6. Implement language projects 7. Use the language more 8. Keep the language alive The centre of the “8 Steps” visual mode [...] Surveys and questionnaires A language survey assists language planners in getting a more detailed picture of the overall health of the language from the whole community, which in turn supports the development of language goals for the community. [...] Some of the common indicators of the vitality of a First Nations language include (Assembly of First Nations, 2007, p. 10): • the number of individuals that currently speak the language of the First Nation community • the level of proficiency, including spoken and written fluency, of the language • the behaviour of the community towards the language • the attitudes and beliefs toward or about Firs



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