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A national human resource strategy for the electricity and renewable energy strategy in Canada




"There have been significant efforts by industry stakeholders and the Electricity Sector Council to address the current human resources challenges faced by the electricity and renewable energy industries. Some of these efforts include hiring an increasing proportion of younger workers, the production of labour market information, organizing regional working groups to address human resources issues, the development of succession planning tools, implementing a foreign trained worker research project, and working towards curriculum development for the renewable energy industry. However, despite the high industry awareness of human resources issues and the efforts put forth to resolve them, according to the ESC's 2008 "Powering Up the Future" labour market information study, the current industry labour force supply-demand gap has widened since 2004. In order to understand this widening supply-demand gap, stakeholders were asked during the consultations whether human resources issues were being portrayed correctly and whether there were additional issues that needed to be highlighted and/or emphasized. Those consultations validated previous work undertaken by the ESC to characterize human resources issues within the industry"--Summary of findings.


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