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[Report on aquaculture] : [Rapport sur l'aquaculture]




Volume One provides That the Standing Senate Committee on Fisheries a brief profile of the aquaculture industry and its and Oceans be authorized to examine and report governance in Canada, with a particular empha- on the regulation of aquaculture, current challenges sis on the regulatory framework in place in each and future prospects for the industry in Canada.1 province. [...] The Act sustainable development and contribute to the applies to all facets of aquaculture in marine creation of value on the coast.” The main sections and inland waters, land-based aquaculture, and of the Act include11: to sea ranching. [...] Regulations under the Act govern the allocation pub lic authorities (national and local) involved of licences, the species to be produced, the in the processing of aquaculture applications. [...] Sustainable Aquaculture in Scotland.21 The Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries in Oslo – which acts as the secretariat for both the Minister of Trade and Industry and the Minister of Fisheries – is responsible for the country’s trade, industry and seafood policy. [...] Senators were negative environmental consequence of aqua- told the experiment showed that the use of the culture,” particularly in regard to the risk of 26 The Norwegian Veterinary Institute is a government agency funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Ministry of.


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