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A new direction for the Canada-India relationship




The question now is how can the Canadian government, with the support of the provinces and interested NGOs, redevelop and build on a relationship that was neglected for the better part of 30 years? [...] The latter example was a product of Cold War politics whereby Canada, Poland and India were selected to represent the interests of the West, the East Bloc and the non-aligned movement in monitoring the implementation of the 1954 Geneva agreement between France and North Vietnam. [...] In August 2008, the IAEA board of governors, of which Canada has a seat and a vote, supported the deal after the Agency earlier stated that it was a “step in the right direction.”4 Following the board of governors’ approval, on September 6, 2008, _______________________________________________________________ 3 The Nuclear Suppliers Group is a group of 45 countries that seeks to contribute to the [...] Official relations with India improved significantly at the end of July with the removal of a long-standing irritant, which should pave the way for a leader-level visit between Canada and India.9 A high-level visit will be a critical next step as the last prime ministerial visit to India occurred in 2005 and no Indian Prime Minister has travelled to Canada since the beginning of the decade. [...] According to the AIC, its purpose is to: Broaden the relationship between Australia and India by encouraging and supporting contacts and increasing levels of knowledge and understanding between the peoples and institutions of the two countries.



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