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Guide to promoting healthy workplaces in healthcare institutions : Guide pour la promotion de milieux de travail sains dans les établissements de santé : stratégies gagnantes pour améliorer la santé du personnel




The Guide to Promoting Healthy Workplaces in Healthcare In order to respond to these challenges, the Health and Institutions, founded on expert consensus in the field of Social Services Agency of Montreal (Quebec, Canada), in health promotion, was specifically created to support the close collaboration with the International Network of integration of one of the five standards that define good Heal [...] The implementation Making Choices that Protect the Environment process must be put in a context specific to each component of a healthy workplace in order to ensure Part 4 – Project Descriptions that the action plan is relevant to the particular – a compilation of the detailed descriptions of issues surrounding each topic. [...] The Montreal Network is keeping with the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion a member of the International Network of Health Promo - (WHO, 1986), aimed to improve the health of patients ting Hospitals and Health Services and is coordinated by and staff and promote the development of healthy set- the Montreal Health and Social Services Agency tings as well as collaborative ties with the community. [...] An improve- ment in the organizational situation (compared to the ini- Capable people: The presence of a significant proportion tial state) or in the individual’s performance are examples of individuals within the organization who are capable of of rewards, as is overt recognition of employees. [...] It must then The size and membership of the committee members is develop a multi-strategy, integrated action plan, encom- not fixed and must be adapted to the scope of the project passing a variety of activities that address the identified and size of the organization.



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