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A profile of economic and labour market integration among immigrants in Canada




Currently, the work and investments made by immigrants contributes to over 70% of the labour market growth in Canada and is projected to contribute to nearly 100% of the growth in the coming years (Chrétien, 2003; Statistics Canada, 2003). [...] The purpose of this paper is to report on findings from immigration-related studies that have used Statistics Canada data and are available in the RDC database, with particular relevance to the Economic and Labour Market Domain of the National Metropolis Project in Canada. [...] In one way or another, most of the papers that are identified within the broad category of Economic and Labour Market Integration discuss the implications of skills, training, work experience, and education for immigrants to Canada. [...] As perennial areas of concern, recognizing foreign credentials and work experience, reducing barriers to training and education, and ensuring immigrants have the skills required to successfully participate in the labour market form the foundation of analyses of economic and labour market integration. [...] One of the major questions asked in this research is in regard to the returns to education attained in Canada versus the returns to education attained from abroad.



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