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A fine balance : Équilibre harmonieux : soutenir le développement des compétences pour une économie du savoir




In the knowledge-based economy (KBE), a strong education system should produce a citizenry that is equipped with the tools for success: skills, competencies, and knowledge. The role of higher education in the development of the KBE is crucial because institutions are the "creators of, and venues for, cultural and social activity" (OECD, 2007: 39). Around the world, governments are aiming to provide higher education equitably and en masse while ensuring it is both of high quality and of relevance to the labour market. This is a challenge that Ontario, too, faces as it prepares its strategies to enhance the knowledge and skills of its citizens.



higher education education school entrepreneurship educational technology curriculum skilled labor science and technology labour market strategy employers employment engineering human capital labour literacy university learning cognition college further education creativity postsecondary education teaching and learning competence (human resources) creative class critical thinking community colleges in the united states