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2008 report on waiting list statistics for Ontario : ONPHA's 2008 report on waiting list statistics for Ontario




By the beginning of 2008, most of the occupied units would be from the pilot phase of the AHP, with only a small amount of the “80% of average rents” units being occupied. [...] The Number of “Active” Households on the Waiting List This figure – 124,032 households – states the number of households which are actively looking for assisted housing in Ontario. [...] This number has increased by 2,306 from the 2007 figure of 121,726 - an increase of 1.9% province wide.1 In the City of Sudbury the waiting list increased by 14.9% (244 households) over the previous year. [...] In the City of Toronto, 49,468 households are on the active waiting list – representing 40% of all of the active households in the province (although Toronto represents only 20.6% of the population of Ontario). [...] The Region of Peel also remains high with13, 564 households (an increase of 1,175 households) and 11% of the total active households on the waiting lists for Ontario.


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