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A healthy balance




I. The Project The Healthy Balance Research Program (HBRP) is a five year Community Alliance for Health Research (CAHR) project funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) and led by the Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women, and the Institute of Population Health at the University of Ottawa. [...] Roundtable with Canadian Policy-Makers In collaboration with CPRN, the Healthy Balance Research Program and the Hidden Costs, Invisible Contributions Research Project are hosting a roundtable on the future of caregiving policy and practice in Canada.2 The aim of this day-long roundtable is to discuss the policy implications emerging from the findings of the two research projects – from both a Cana [...] More specifically, the objectives of the roundtable include: • Communicating the policy implications of project research results to members of the Canadian policy community; • Fostering discussion and innovative ideas to develop and support a common vision for caregiving policy in Canada; and • Developing a Call to Action for caregiving policy in Canada. [...] The objectives of the background paper are threefold: to paint a picture of the context in which caregiving takes place in Canada today; to look at innovative ways of supporting caregivers with a view to reducing the negative consequences and costs of caregiving, and; to ensure the sustainability and quality of caregiving relationships. [...] Social and economic policies emerge at each of these points of the diamond, with the result that the model allows policy-makers to better understand not only the current state of caregiving support in Canada, but also the potential for re-balancing and strengthening the supports available to care receivers and their caregivers.


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