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A family affair




It is essential that those responsible for student aid programs be aware of the full range of strategies employed by students and their families, how choices of strategies change over time and how the costs of PSE affect families. [...] In most provinces, more of the costs of post-secondary education are being borne by students in the form of rising tuition fees. [...] To to cover the shortfall, while about 48 per cent cover this shortfall, 50 per cent of students of aid administrators at four-year private worked an average of 25 hours per week to colleges believed that students turned to obtain additional funding, with a number of private loans to cover the shortfall. [...] In The Daily (April 10, 2001), Statistics • The parents of 50 per cent of children Canada reported results from the 1999 Survey expected that their children would need of Approaches to Educational Planning for student loans to pay for their education, parents of children aged 18 and under. [...] The average debt of Canadian RELATED TO PSE university graduates who borrow appears to be in the range of $20,000–21,000.



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