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"We got evicted ... did I leave that out?"




In particu- spoke of the stigma and discrimination lar, the study is concerned with factors that both deepen the suffering of people that mediate between individuals living living with mental illness and undermine with mental illness and the broader so- efforts towards recovery. [...] Fam- An underlining theme throughout the ily members detailed their difficulties in report is the importance of providing a securing access to services and to decent, diversity of alternatives in housing and affordable housing, and relayed their feel- supports so that people can access them, ings of stress and uncertainty in relation to the extent possible, according to their to providing ongoing [...] The Despite the central role that many family interviews also discussed the family mem- members play as primary caregivers for bers’ perceptions of the strengths and a family member living with mental weaknesses of the mental health and health issues, there has not been much housing system in Winnipeg, as well as research done on the perspectives of fam- what housing options work best for peo- ily [...] The willingness to share and meet the challenge right kinds of housing support services because when you share a burden, some- for an individual living with mental times you can also share the positive health issues can have benefits for the results and we have to be less negative families of the individual as well.



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