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Stolen sisters




Scope, Methods and Limitations of This Study This report focuses specifically on violence against Indigenous women This report examines the role of because of indications of the scale of discrimination in acts of violence carried such violence in Canada, because the out against Indigenous women in link between racial discrimination and Canadian towns and cities. [...] This Amnesty International reviewed discrimination has played out in policies published reports and the findings of and practices that have helped put inquests and government inquiries, Indigenous women in harm’s way and in interviewed survivors of violence and the the failure to provide Indigenous women family members of Indigenous women 3 who have been murdered or who have. [...] The almost 19 The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), article 29(c): “… the education of the child shall be directed to … the development of respect for the 20 Concluding observations of the Committee on child’s…own cultural identity, language and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Canada, Supra, values…” The Convention did not enter into force footnote 3, para.17. [...] In the words of the architect policies were repealed for being of the system, Canadian Member of incompatible with protections against Parliament Nicholas Flood Davin, the discrimination in the new Canadian goal was to remove Indigenous children Charter of Rights and Freedoms. [...] Sixteen of the of the same age to die as the result of missing women are Indigenous, a violence.66 Indigenous women’s number far in excess of the organizations have long spoken out proportion of Indigenous women against violence against women and living in Vancouver.


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