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A criminal justice perspective on ignition interlocks




The following section describes how a diversity of information related to ignition interlocks is relevant to the roles of each of the professional groups at multiple points within the justice system. [...] This requires knowledge of the operation of these devices, the volume of breath the interlock requires, and an understanding of the impact of various health conditions on the ability of the offender to provide a breath sample. [...] In the event of court proceedings, the prosecutor may also have to call the officer to court to testify as to the veracity of this evidence. [...] To prove a charge of tampering, the prosecutor must be aware of the actions of the defendant and be able to demonstrate that this behavior constitutes a violation in accordance with regulations. [...] In instances where this order is issued by an agency external to the court (e.g., the Secretary of State), prosecutors may have difficulty obtaining proof of the order from the agency, in addition to obtaining proof of compliance with the order from the service provider.



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