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2006 Census housing series : Housing conditions of one-person households




"This Research Highlight reviews the growth, characteristics and housing conditions of one-person households and their incidence of core housing need using data from the 2006 and earlier censuses. Housing conditions are assessed using CMHC's measures of acceptable housing and core housing need ... The universe of households tested for core housing need includes only private non-farm, non-band, non-reserve households with incomes greater than zero and shelter cost-to-income ratios (STIRs) less than 100%. ... The 2006 Census identified 12.4 million households in Canada, of which 11.8 million were private non-farm, non-band households reporting positive incomes and with STIRs of less than 100%. Among the 11.8 million such households, 3.1 million were one-person households. This Research Highlight examines the housing conditions of these one-person households"--



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