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A framework for public reporting on healthy work environments in Ontario healthcare settings




Global healthy work environment Synthesis of healthy work environment indicators concepts • Global indicators could track the quality of • The report synthesizes the key concepts work environments within the health system identified in the research, showing the pre- and provide benchmarks with other sectors dicted direction of. [...] However, while numerous studies in healthcare and other sectors document the This report provides background research to individual and organizational benefits associated support the Ontario Health Quality Council with healthy work environments, there is no (OHQC) and the Ministry of. [...] Healthy workplace solutions include and good supervision as measured by regular communication and information sharing, stable communication and feedback.10 Hospitals work teams, participation in decision making, exhibiting positive work environments achieve encouraging local initiatives, recognition, better organizational performance in terms fairness and respect and individual and team 15 of. [...] And at a strategic level, healthy employees in healthy and productive environments must be valued in the organization’s culture and championed by its leadership. [...] The HWAC identified The six principles are intended as reference points “healthy workplace environments” as a top priority for decision-makers in the health and disability for the health and disability support sector.


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