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“Eyes as Bright as Snow”




He thought he would be safe in the faceless crowd, but he was not safe and the crowd was not faceless.8 In the southern Chinese megalopolis of Shenzhen, “…with the help of artificial intelligence and recognition technology, jaywalkers will not only be publicly named and shamed, they will be notified of their wrongdoing via instant messaging – along with the fine.”9 Figure 1: A policewoman uses fac [...] In the United States, for instance, the FBI is developing a database of Americans’ photographs, but China is still very much in the vanguard.15 But in the U. S., governments are called to account for their use of the technology much more frequently than they are in China. [...] As used by Welsh police, FRT has indicated a 90 per cent false positive rate,17 and in the United States it has been found to be most accurate for white men (accurate 99 per cent of the time) and much less accurate for darker- skinned women.18 And even in China, where the technology is developing much more quickly, “The algorithm capacity of the fastest servers isn’t enough to support the data of [...] Successor to the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute (CDFAI, which was established in 2001), the Institute works to inform Canadians about the importance of having a respected and influential voice in those parts of the globe where Canada has significant interests due to trade and investment, origins of Canada’s population, geographic security (and especially security of North America i [...] In the modern post- Cold War world, however, global security and stability have become the bedrocks of global commerce and the free movement of people, goods and ideas across international boundaries.


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