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A harm-based classification of PREPs




In philosophical terms, it is a step from the “is” to the “ought”, from the world of the natural sciences to the world of values, beliefs, politics, policies, and the like. [...] The current research encompassed the following subsequent phases: (1) Review of the literature and world-wide-web with particular attention to the classification of PREPs, upcoming products that could be considered PREPs, and the concept of harm reduction in the context of PREPs. [...] The existence of such a large number of products came as a surprise to us – the review literature (including Clearing the Smoke) gives no indication of the potential magnitude and diversity of the product pipeline. [...] Because of the rapidly changing nature of such “announcements” and news clips on the world-wide-web, some of the sources have not been included in the web and literature review presented at the end of this paper. [...] The prioritizing that is necessary in constructing the concept of the harm profile of PREPs should draw on a complete list of possible harms, i.e., harms beyond morbidity and mortality of the user.



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