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A look at food skills in Canada




A Look at Food Skills in Canada METHODOLOGY Health Canada’s Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion sponsored the addition of two food skills modules (questionnaires) on Statistics Canada’s Canadian Community Health Survey – Annual Component (CCHS). [...] Excluded from the sample were persons living in A healthy diet plays an important role in achieving the three territories, on reserves, in remote regions, and maintaining a healthy body weight, as well as full-time members of the Canadian Forces and in reducing the risk of obesity and chronic disease. [...] Share and eating behaviours, which contribute to healthy files include all the respondents who agreed to eating.1 Food skills encourage healthy eating by share their data with provincial and territorial health providing individuals with the necessary knowledge departments, Health Canada and the Public Health and skills to plan, purchase and prepare foods and Agency of Canada. [...] Food Skills Modules Description “At an individual and household level, food skills are complex, interrelated, person-centered set of skills Module 1 that are necessary to provide and prepare safe, • Focus: planning, transference of skills nutritious, and culturally-acceptable meals for all to children and knowledge members of one’s household.”2 • Data collected between November and Several studies [...] Writing a Grocery List Planning Meals 78% of women Canadians aged 50 and younger are more likely than 70% of men those aged over 50 77% of non-immigrants 68% of Canadians with children living in the household* 66% of Immigrants 59% of Canadians without children living in the household 77% of Canadians with post-secondary education 66% of Canadians with post-secondary education 68% of Canadians wit


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