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OUR MISSION… The mission of ACAHO is to advance and promote excellence in the delivery of quality health services, the teaching and educational experience, and the health research and innovation enterprise. [...] The case studies demonstrate many of the values of teaching and research hospitals through: (1) the application of existing and new evidence and best practices; (2) the translation of knowledge into patient-specific products and innovations to improve patient flow; (3) the ability to make the most of existing resources; (4) the integration of the human element for both patients and providers by em [...] However, given the size of the current investment in health care, the state of the economy, and concerns over sustainability in the face of a changing demographic, health care leadership and providers are strengthening their efforts to meet the expectations of Canadians and assist policymakers and funders in demonstrating the optimization of resources. [...] The next two success stories focus specifically on the issue of redirecting ambulances with a view to ensuring both the safety of the patient in the ambulance as well as the availability of ambulances for other emergent cases in the community. [...] In this initiative, the authors note that “In the face since the funding received was for the Health Authority and not for individuals, the general of aging motivation was the ability to enhance patient care with the tangible reminder of the importance of infrastructure and the design of the process changes that the pay for performance funding enabled.



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