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A coastal information system for the southeastern Beaufort Sea, Yukon and Northwest Territories /




This report provides coastal data and a classification of the Canadian Beaufort Sea coast and is part of the Coastal Information System (CIS) maintained by the Geological Survey of Canada. Coastal attributes such as the physical form of the coast and the materials which comprise it have been interpreted and mapped from aerial photography and video for over 1900 kilometres of coastline. These attributes are mapped as line segments for three different shore-parallel zones: the backshore, the foreshore, and the nearshore. Additional points of interest such as water bodies, anthropogenic sites, or ground ice features are also mapped. Qualitative coastal change was mapped along select portions of the coast based on the availability of repetitive, multi-year coastal video and imagery. A glossary has been developed to control the language used in the descriptions. The data are contained in a geographic information system. A published map file is also included, which provides examples for displaying and symbolizing the CIS data.


oceans environment wetlands nearshore coast water natural resources coastal erosion coasts earth sciences geographic information systems geography geology geomorphology rivers erosion bar nature beach natural science esri bodies of water coastal geography coastal and oceanic landforms surficial geology deposition (geology) sedimentary salt marsh dune deposit lagoon