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A Home for Canada’s Middle Class




Most of the debate has evidence that positive homeownership misidentified the key causes of experiences result in greater participation in social rising prices, and ignored the fact and political activities, improved psychological health, positive assessments of neighborhood, that poor government policy is a and high school and post-secondary school major contributor to a housing completion.” In f [...] How Ottawa Can Unlock Middle Class Housing Supply in Our Most Expensive Cities This paper argues that Ottawa should make itself the spokesperson and agent for the middle class on the housing file and use its spending programmes to spur provinces and municipalities to stop obstructing housing supply and the rise of the middle class. [...] Growing concerns about rising prices in major markets such as Toronto and Vancouver have dominated financial and political news and drawn the attention of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), the Bank of Canada, and the International Monetary Fund. [...] The second section establishes the relationship between homeownership and the middle class, and the case for why housing affordability ought to concern policy-makers. [...] John's •. Kulkarni and Malmendier (2015) analyse the link between homeownership and upward mobility and find a strong positive relationship for the children of homeowners that the two economists attribute to the stability and social capital that is associated with owning one’s home.


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