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2007 adult gambling prevalence study : Adult gambling prevalence study




The Nova Scotia Department of Health Promotion and Protection wishes to thank the staff of Focal Research Consultants and the adults in Nova Scotia who participated in the study, for their contributions. [...] The data was segmented and compared by risk for gambling problems using the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI), the nine scored items of the CPGI. [...] Gambling Involvement by Risk for Gambling Problems Frequency of play increased along with risk for problem gambling for specific types of gambling, especially vlts, casino gambling, daily lotteries and instant lottery tickets. [...] As predicted, the increased trial of this form of gambling corresponded with an increase in the number of people in Nova Scotia experiencing difficulties with this form of gambling. [...] General Health and Well-Being by Risk for Gambling Problems the relationship between general health and well-being and risk for problem gambling provides information regarding co-morbidity and also positions prevalence for problem gambling within the context of other community and public health issues (falling under the mandate of nova Scotia department of Health Promotion and Protection).


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