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Creating a framework for the wisdom of the community




Valerie described the core job of service providers, funders, governments and citizens as one of “creating a framework for the wisdom of the community.” The aim of this paper is to illustrate the astuteness of this insight. [...] In addition to developing a comprehensive inventory of services currently available to victims of crime in Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Yukon, the project also identified best practices, challenges, and gaps in delivery of victim services in the territories. [...] As a result of these consultative research tasks, and a review of pertinent documentation and literature in the area of victimization in remote, Aboriginal regions, a series of key recommendations were developed in the areas of training, support and recovery for existing service providers, training, support and recovery for communities, leadership, legislation, judicial and correctional systems, a [...] Specifically the research requirements included: • the development of a comprehensive inventory of services currently available to victims of crime in Nunavut;1 • the identification of best practices in victim service delivery in other, non-northern, remote Aboriginal jurisdictions; • the provision of an understanding of current informal, as well as traditional (both formal and informal), ways of [...] It is hoped that this research will increase dialogue among stakeholders and facilitate an improved understanding of the context and complexity of victimization and victim services in the three territories, as well as provide a place for all those involved in the North to begin exploring better ways to understand and meet the needs of Northern victims of crime and the communities they live in.



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