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A multidisciplinary study of factors influencing hazard reduction strategies, using noise exposure and hearing loss as a model : Societal change in occupational health and safety




Page 3 of 86 Executive Summary Objective We undertook a study to investigate barriers to the implementation of engineered noise controls by examining knowledge, attitudes and practice of employees and managers regarding occupational noise and its health implications, and engineered noise controls ENC). [...] Future research should focus on: 1. Development of methods for systematically evaluating of the efficacy of the hearing conservation program paradigm 2. Investigation of effective methods of supporting program-style interventions 3. Investigation of the efficacy of hearing protection devices in the prevention of non-auditory health effects of noise 10/31/2009. [...] Page 5 of 86 Research Problem/Context1 Noise and hearing loss Exposure to noise is one of the most ubiquitous of workplace hazards, and is associated with a variety of adverse health effects, the best understood of which is noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). [...] As the analysis continued, we engaged in theoretical-style coding, drawing on the theoretical and empirical literatures to further inform our understanding of barriers to the implementation of engineered noise controls6. [...] However, with respect to the regulation defining the hearing conservation program, the onus is on the employer to identify potential noise hazards and to measure where there is concern; this makes sense as it often requires some degree of professional competency and specialized measuring equipment to ascertain noise levels accurately.



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