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A survey of domiciliary hostel program tenants in Ontario




The views expressed in this report are the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of any of the above named organizations or of St. [...] The goal of this project is to support policy work and service planning by providing reliable information about the characteristics and service needs of tenants in the Domiciliary Hostel Program in Ontario. [...] The specific objectives of this research project were 1) to describe the characteristics of Domiciliary Hostel Program tenants; 2) to describe Domiciliary Hostel Program tenants’ use of community supports and services, use of health care, and participation in community life; and 3) to describe the housing pathways of Domiciliary Hostel Program tenants. [...] Of all the types of community services/supports used by the participants, one-third of the services/supports were provided at the Domiciliary Hostel. [...] Throughout the course of the project, the PAC convened periodically to discuss and provide feedback to the research team concerning the survey instrument, methods and process, deliverables, and knowledge transfer.



health housing science and technology psychology drugs aids hepatitis medicine survey older people schizophrenia anxiety communicable disease bipolar disorder substance abuse mental disorder health treatment medical specialties survey methodology virus disease mental and behavioural disorder psychosis diseases and conditions substance dependence housing and health frail elderly eq-5d abuse/dependence manic-depressive


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