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#itstartswithme Creating a Climate for Change




Many of these situations stem from historic factors such as colonization, assimilation policies (including Residential Schools) and discrimination.” Implementing the Vision: BC First Nations Health Governance “First Nations communities’ and individuals’ lack of access to, and to some extent a degree of alienation from, health services effect health outcomes and reduce the likelihood of early detec [...] First Nations practiced a mix of hunting, fishing and gathering foods and enjoyed good health and wellness due to a lifestyle that was active, based on healthy traditional diets and enriched by ceremonial, spiritual, emotional and healing practices. [...] First Nations health and wellness was disrupted through a process of colonization and oppression including tactics and policy initiatives such as the Indian Residential School System, the Indian Act and Indian Hospitals. [...] First Nations Perspective on Health and Wellness Cultural safety includes an understanding of what health and wellness means to First Nations. [...] First Nations recognize that good health and wellness starts with every human being and extends outward to include broader social, economic, cultural and environmental determinants of health and wellness.


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