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2016 Status Report on Major Equipment Procurement /




Continued Recapitalization Slippage As the 2015 status report suggested, one metric for assessing the rate of success in the defence procurement system is DND’s ability to secure project approval at the definition or implementation stages of a project’s life from the Minister of National Defence or the Treasury Board. [...] To relate this back to the capital equipment project, while the bank (in this case the Canadian government) has to make the funds available to pay the seller in full for the cost of a house (in the equipment case a ship, vehicle or aircraft), a homeowner only pays the bank their monthly mortgage payment (for DND, an annual depreciation charge for its ships, vehicles or aircraft). [...] At the same time, it became apparent that the plan to design a bespoke warship would create a nearly two-year delay between the completion of the last Arctic and offshore patrol ship (AOPS) and the construction of the first CSC. [...] Defence officials have subsequently indicated that the funding set aside in the fiscal framework for the permanent replacement of the CF-18 will be used to cover the costs of the interim fighter project,27 but this leaves open the question of where funding for the full time CF- 18 will come from.28 This also raises the issue of whether the costs, which are unknown, but which leaked information ind [...] The most significant factor in this regard is that the Trudeau government appears to have embraced the strategy in practice and execution, even if it does not mention it by name.32 Public statements by Foote and the parliamentary secretaries for both DND and PSPSC have endorsed the threefold focus on economic leveraging, delivering the right equipment to the armed forces, and doing so in a timely


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