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A consultation paper on the renewal of labour legislation in Saskatchewan




The exception to this is the statutory review of The Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993, which has resulted in the introduction of amendments during the 2011 fall session of the Legislature. [...] The Act requires the employer to provide four weeks written notice of the commencement of the employee’s annual holiday unless the employer and employee make alternate arrangements. [...] The Act also allows for movement of a public holiday where the employer obtains the consent of the trade union or upon application to the Director with the support of the employees. [...] The potential also exists for the emergence of conflicts of interest where an individual exercises managerial duties, as these individuals attempt to balance the often competing interests of the management of the organization with the interests of the union. [...] In addition, the TUA states that every employee is to be afforded the principles of natural justice in any dispute between the employee and the union on matters relating to the union’s constitution and the employee’s membership in the union or disciplinary action taken by the union.


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