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“This is Hallowed Ground”




It also became the first ILO member to send a recalls the historical ideal of international labour law woman — Violet Markham — to participate in (ILL) in the ILO’s founding to explain the renewed relevance of ILL in the midst of global restructuring. [...] But ratification would not necessarily be required to stimulate the The ILO was at the heart of the harmonization of ILL over time into national labour legislation — at least in industrialized, metropolitan territories that currently comprise the global North25 — a process that was actively supervised by the ILO’s regular supervisory mechanisms in the Committee 16 Most of the early writing on the [...] The limits of the vision of labour — prohibiting night work for women and the use of white phosphorous law reform as it applied to colonial territories and states of the global — Mahaim relied on the language of “uniformity with a view to the South are addressed in Adelle Blackett, “Beyond Standard Setting: equalization of costs of production, and also to standardize legislation” A Study of ILO Te [...] Sir Robert Borden was asked about the future article 19 of the ILO constitution, he referred the The next section looks at ILL’s growing relevance matter to the Canadian Minister of Justice, Charles for national courts, historically, and at precisely this Doherty, who issued the following opinion: moment of contestation of the direction of the social. [...] Difficulties in the interpretation legislative power necessary or proper for of the division of powers are a significant part of performing the obligations of Canada or of the reason why the ILO’s first international labour any province under such conventions.47 Both the federal government and each Canadian province participated in the first International Labour Conference in Washington, DC.


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