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A rough patch : Alberta economic profile and forecast




Following four boom Forecasters agree that Canada’s economy will shrink in 2009, years during which Alberta’s economy grew twice as fast as and while recessions are not the best time for forecasts, there the rest of the country, 2007 felt like a bit of a letdown, with is a consensus that Alberta’s economy will do worse than the the province posting real growth of 3.1%, just above the 2.7% Canadian [...] In fact, the situation appeared dramatic enough to prompt the provincial government to step in and support the sector. [...] The first one is that it frees up part of the province’s decline, the steepest among Canadian provinces, is nearly all construction industry to work on other construction projects taking place in the oil and gas industry as a direct result of low such as completing Calgary’s ring road, and at lower wages to prices. [...] Edmonton’s nanotechnology industry is anchored by Over the first three months of 2009, Alberta’s exports are down the National Institute for Nanotechnology, a joint partnership 30% from the same period in 2008, the sharpest drop among between the National Research Council of Canada and the provinces. [...] In the middle of 2008, the one significant issue in this inflation was lower than the national rate.



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