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A New Social Care Act for Canada: 2.0 /




The Canada Assistance Plan led to the consolidation of the funding and the delivery of income assistance programs. [...] It was this phrase in the preamble that led to increased funding for the significant expansion of provincial social services.1 “WHEREAS the Parliament of Canada, recognizing that the provision of adequate assistance to persons in need and the prevention and removal of the causes of poverty and dependence on public assistance are the concern of all Canadians, is desirous of encouraging the further [...] Since the 1990s, beyond the social costs to Canadians due to reduced community and social services incurred as a result of the Chrétien government’s cuts to federal funding, the true damage was the loss of the basic principles that had framed the Canada Assistance Plan for 30 years. [...] The purpose of this brief is to propose a new Social Care Act for Canada which would provide the federal government with a viable public policy framework to address the persistent social inequalities in Canada through ensuring a common set of principles of for social care across the country. [...] We use the term social care to refer to the range of publicly provided personal and community social services which have become a key part of the fabric of Canadian society over the past 50 years.


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