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A new energy vision for Canada /




Like other discussion papers presently circulating the country, abundance, it endorses the idea of a national energy and strategy to guide the transition, and recognizes the contributions that Canada’s oil and gas geopolitical industry make to the economy. [...] Canada does.4 While discouraging on its conservation A recent Decima Research poll produced for surface, the statistic points to the tremendous Natural Resources Canada found that a majority opportunities to be found on the demand side of citizens believe the energy sector is one of of the spectrum. [...] Leadership in renewables and energy services Canada’s cities and towns could become integrated energy systems In the new energy economy of 2050, we envision that Canada will that enjoy remarkable efficiencies by considering together the needs overwhelmingly derive its energy from clean and renewable sources— and opportunities of services such as water and resource recovery with wind, solar, water, [...] About 80 percent of our greenhouse- inherent in increased marine traffic through Communities Lead the Way on the road significantly offsetting domestic aviation and gas emissions are a direct consequence of the an ice-free northwest passage, including the A number of local governments around the world have shown that, with the right mix of policies the petroleum it requires. [...] Researchers, contribution to the buildup of heavy metals, between the BeneFits engineers, and financial sector professionals fossil fuels, and toxics in our ecosystems, oF a new environment will follow the flow of new-energy investment, while dramatically reducing and eventually oF a new energy building up Canada’s own brain trust while eliminating our contributions to climate and the energy econo


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