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Childhood lead exposure and housing sources : Ontario Public Health Association position paper and resolutions (2004)




Resolution 3 WHEREAS lead is a known and undisputed developmental neurotoxin; and, WHEREAS the exposure profile of lead has shifted and U. S. data indicates that housing can be the primary source of lead exposure for young children; and, WHEREAS the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation identifies housing built before 1960 as a potential source of lead exposure for children; and, WHEREAS 26% of [...] Step 1. Copies of the background paper, the resolution and an accompanying letter will be sent to the Ontario and Federal Ministers of Health, the Ontario Minister of the Environment, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Centre for Urban Housing [Toronto], the Association of Local Public Health Agencies, the Canadian Council of Ministers for [...] A letter will be sent to Health Canada asking that they undertake a national survey to investigate residential sources of lead in Canadian housing and to determine the vintage of housing that poses the greatest risk of lead exposure. [...] In 1994, the [Canadian] Federal-Provincial Committee report Update of Evidence for Low-Level Effects of Lead and Blood Lead Intervention Levels and Strategies estimated that 5-10 % of urban Canadian children continued to have elevated blood lead levels Federal Provincial Working Group, 1994 and recommended that, “investigations be carried out to assess the existence and extent of undue exposure to [...] It is recommended that the Ontario Minister of Health and Long-term Care commission a pilot study to assess pediatric blood lead levels in relation to residential sources of lead and that the Ontario Public Health Association be involved in developing the protocol for this study.


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